photo of JW
Jessica Watson

Founder and Chief Instructor

Jessica Watson began her fitness journey as a dedicated young dancer. That deep-seated passion for movement metamorphosed in later years to hiking, kayaking, and martial arts. A brown belt in Shotokan karate under Sensei Robin Cumbie, 3rd Dan, Jessica began developing a deeper understanding of the connection between breath and movement. These concepts flowed harmoniously into a study of yoga. Jessica started teaching yoga in 2015 which led to certifications in other fitness specialties. Driven to keep people moving, motivated, and connected even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, she founded Functional Bliss as a resource for a community both local and virtual. Her vision is a world where other teachers can join in and provide fitness and health opportunities for all.

500hr CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher)

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in mind/body work

Certified Barre Instructor

Certified Myofascial Release Instructor

Certified Core and Functional Fitness Instructor

photo of AW
Audra Whitcomb


Audra Whitcomb came to the fitness community late. After seeing her daughter enjoying karate classes, she joined herself and was hooked! A second degree black belt in Chinese kempo karate under Sensei Nicholas Antonelli, 4th Dan, and a second degree blue belt in Tang Soo Do under Master Renee Williams 5th Dan, she soon discovered a love of teaching. Wanting to share the principals of movement that are common to all martial arts, she enjoys sharing exercise modalities that embrace natural movements to enhance fitness and health.

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo

2nd Degree Blue Belt in Tang Soo Do

Jo Kyo Instructor Certification in Tang Soo Do