Embrace the Joy of Movement!

We believe fitness should be available to everyone regardless of health, mobility, or financial constraints. To that end, all our classes are donation based. If you would like to support our mission access to health, fitness and self-care, please donate what you can.

Functional Bliss classes help you build strength, improve mobility, and encourage mindful movements. Building strength by using various exercise modalities can help improve daily life by preparing your body for everyday tasks and activities. Plus, it just feels good!

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Introducing Functional Bliss

Functional Fitness for All

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Connecting breath with movement, yoga builds functional strength and flexibility

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Putting the Fun! in functional fitness

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Fitness kickboxing is movement with a purpose! An energetic full-body workout

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Growing strong together

Recognizing the need to build strength in our bodies and in our communities, Functional Bliss is built on a foundation of trust and support. Trust in our bodies and trust in each other keep us connected through live classes.

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Evolving in changing times

Flexible minds help us adapt to our ever-changing environment, allowing us the creative space in which to learn and teach. Stretching the body helps keep us able to execute our goals even as we age.

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Inhaling the good

Breath is the connector that helps sustain exercise longer and supports us in our everyday lives. Being able to focus and control the breath opens a world of serenity to us. Take a breath from your life and carve out time for yourself.

Let's breathe!